Rhonel’s Journey With Checkr

As an artist I am always thinking about the next series or subjects to create either for myself or community. I recently had the opportunity to work with Checkr on a project that really stood out to me.

Checkr is a company that does background checks for employees globally.  I connected to the company through my art show at a local gallery, where I met a woman who curates all the art in the Checkr building located at 120 Kearny Street. She  asked me to create a 6’x12’ mural on canvas that would be created in my Tapeography style, iconic imagery of San Francisco, and the diversity of  Checkr.

After starting the mural we decided that I would complete most of it in my art studio and enlist the employees for the balance of the painting! 

I created a video announcing that I was creating a mural and could use the support of the team at Checkr to complete it at a pre-party! This is where the mural really came to life, as the employees gathered to paint, chat, connect and felt valued that their creativity was needed to accomplish their mural. They could not believe what was created and each employee felt like a piece of them was part of the company through their mural. 

Everyone could not believe what they had accomplished and I felt even more empowered as an independent artist to create opportunities like this for other teams and businesses! 


I’ve attend two of Rhonel’s gallery showings and one of his workshops; all three experiences where entertaining, engaging, and l left feeling inspired. I brought a friend with me after work, the intimate atmosphere was perfect to unwind. The passion for creating seemed to be shared as I introduced myself to the other attendees, sharing photos and discussing projects they had been working on. Rhonel’s charisma got everyone excited, giving a giant grin as he ripped the tape from the canvas and unveiled what the class would be creating. By the entrance a spread of cheese, crackers and beverages, in the center a table filled with tape, paint, brushes and tools. One piece of advice is to keep the paint and wine glass far from each other. I felt relaxed and recommend it to anyone who likes art, photography, traveling or just a glass of wine.
— Tony Rojas
Tapeoqraphy with Chez Rhonel is lot of fun and a great way to discover a new way to express your creativity. I had a lot of fun trying to wrap my head around using negative space. It’s also great to see how others express their creativity. Rhonel inspires and encourages everyone to be a little more creative and find joy in expressing themselves. Bring your friends, bring your family. Learn a new use for tape and create something wonderful with Chez Rhonel.
— Adam Pinell
“Joining Rhonel’s workshop was such an eye opening and truly enjoyable experience for me.. I realized I had probably never done any sort of arts and crafts for the past 15 years of my life. The second I was given art materials to work with and concise instructions, I was able to reignite the internal art passion we hold and found myself feeling so passionate to create something after so many years.”
— Brandon

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